Chris Tebbit

Web Design and Development. Brighton, UK


I Dress Myself

An end-to-end e-commerce development for Nottingham-based printers and fashion brand I Dress Myself, which immediately led to a dramatic increase in visitors and sales.

As well as developing a bespoke customer facing front end, including a shopping basket, secure checkout facility and order tracker (amongst the many other features of the site), this project also required the development of a backend system for managing the site as a whole, but in particular order and product management, including integration with the company's dispatch procedure.

By working closely with I Dress Myself to understand their working practices and how the website could work for them, both in making their working lives easier, and establishing a greater relationship with customers I was able to deliver a site that has met all their goals, improved productivity, visitors and sales, as well as providing ongoing support and further development.

By developing a solution from scratch to meet the requirements, the site has the flexibility to be built upon and developed further as new features and requirements come to light, something that would not be possible within the constraints of a pre-packaged system.