Chris Tebbit

Web Design and Development. Brighton, UK



Charitable project providing a complete range of IT services to this one-day conference in Bristol. Services provided included the complete branding and graphic design of the website and conference programmes (including printing services), administration and technical support for online ticket sales and live streaming of the conference over the internet for the duration of the day, including recording and archiving for access at a later date.

Following the theme of intersectionality, the conference's organisers were very keen on providing accessibility for all participants through making sure the venue on the day was completely accessible to the disabled, as well as providing the aforementioned live streaming for anyone unable or unwilling to attend in person. With this in mind, I designed the website to comply with the highest levels of accesssibility using the W3C and RNIB's accessibility guidelines, as well as the extensive knowledge of accessibility I have accumulated both from a technical and moral perspective throughout my web development experience.

I've told Chris before that I would have been unable to do this event without him. When I started, I had no budget and no idea about how to go about designing a site, but Chris happily took on the project and helped me immensely. Not only did he provide the technical know-how, he also helped me with ideas and ended up immensely improving the accessibility of the conference off his own back. I was very happy with the appearance and design of the site, and Chris was a pleasure to work with.

Natalie Dzerins, Intersect